Neuroscience, applied.

We develop and produce the best in class mobile EEG devices for consumer and medical markets. Paving the way towards a bright future of sentient and empathetic artificial intelligence.

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We are specialized on low-power, high-quality biosensing-hardware for brain computer interfacing. Our technology provides high resolution imaging, recording and synthesizing of EEG signals. The BCI device can be used in a variety of fields of application as a brain computer interface to map brain activity, to control peripherals or to actively stimulate the applicants brain. Experience your thoughts in real time. Be able to stay focused longer.

Use Cases

Our technology holds the potential for numerous applications, we designed our hardware specifically with flexibility in mind to serve various purposes.

Neurofeedback Therapy

Brain Computer Interfaces

Sleep Tracking

Learning Enhancement

Cognitive Workload Detection


Mindcast Headband

We developed the Mindcast as a hardware platform to build our applications on. It is a mobile EEG device with best-in-class signal quality, that is flexible in its use cases.

Focus Hero
Neurofeedback Games

Focus Hero utilizes the Mindcast Headband and analyses whether the user is focused or relaxed. By focusing or actively relaxing the user can then manipulate objects in a game, allowing him to increase his mindfulness and ability to focus over time.



The founders

Konrad Willi Döring, CEO

Computational Neuroscience, Machine Learning

Matthias Kandora,

Software Development, Machine Learning

Yatan Blumenthal-Vargas, COO

Management, Business Development

+ Team

  • of engineers, medicals, designers, and marketers
  • with combined 40+ years EEG experience
  • experienced in bringing hardware products to the market.

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